Empty chairs or absentee print

Emil Weiss – film director. April 2014

The staging of  the « absence » in the painting of Lisa Seror can’t leave us indiffèrent. And for good reason ! We are invited into her artwork and willing to come inside : from our eyes, the painting takes all of its consistence.

Those empty chairs, which imperceptibly change, from figurative to abstract, interrogate us with insistence : are they left there by those who have passed away without leaving other mark, except those empty chairs. The people we couldn’t grieve. Or, are they empty because of our exile ?

Those paintings gives us a relevant representation of this chronic questioning.


Some work of the painter, the first part of her inspirations, gives us a clue about her very own universe, a striking illustration of a lost heaven. Those paintings are a testimony of her origins

Lisa Seror is moving, her work still has a lot to tell us…


Empty chairs : Existential vacuity

Francis PARENT. Journalist, Art critic.

When, carried by the merciless wind of History, we are forced to leave the land of our ancestors, of our roots. When the memory of the happiness of childhood and the family atmosphere, swamped through the seasons and jewish traditions fades gradually… what remains in our broken memories ?

Moreover, when you have the chance to be a painter, what are exile’s colors that should be printed on the palette and the canvas ?


The empty chair : What is our place on Earth ?

Francis PARENT. Journalist, Art critic.

The first part of the work of Lisa Seror was to paint, for years, the daily life of her own : Jews in Tunisia. And for good reason. As many jews in the world, who are faced with threatening events, they...

Les chaises vides ou Les couleurs de l’Exil

Jean Pierre ALLALI, journaliste, écrivain. 2013

Loin du pays natal, Lisa Seror n'a pas manqué de retourner en Tunisie pour se ressourcer… Partout, des chaises étaient posées, comme avant, sur le pas des maisons. Mais les vieux Juifs qui avaient coutume de s'y installer pour prendre...

En quête d’une place

Daniel Sibony, psychanalyste, écrivain. Dernier livre parus: De l'identité à l'existence. (Odile Jacob).

La première partie de l’œuvre de Lisa Seror fut de peindre, durant des années, la vie quotidienne des siens, des Juifs en Tunisie. Et pour cause, ils ont dû la quitter; elle aussi vint en France à quatorze ans, et...